This neocities is a WIP so bear with me, I'm new to this. Hello my name is Froyo and I like digimon, tamagotchis, dorohedoro, and vampires. None of these things will be featured on my site though because this site is for my Ocs. If you click the links on the left you will be taken to different pages were my Ocs' profiles can be found. Ok, there's vampires too...

This site doesn't really work on mobile or small laptop screens so I made mobile friendly versions of the profiles.


A lot of these pages may cause eye strain or contain fast moving gifs, and some video's might play at a loud volume. Many pages include crude humor and suggestive themes, this site is intended for audiences age 18+.

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My new obsession is making little pixel guys and you can see them all here

18 November 2023


I would really like to upload art that other people have drawn for me but the gallery I'm using doesn't have an option to add descriptions to drawings so I will have to see if I can figure out another system for that because I want to be able to credit everyone. There's also a lot of art that I need to get off my old computer so this probably won't happen for a long while.

11 February 2023


i might delete the comment section if it annoys me because it's a little ugly im ngl

08 February 2023


Since I mainly want to use my site post profiles for my OCs I doubt I will post a lot of updates, but when I do they will be here.

06 February 2023

feel free to say hi and if you have OCs too drop a link to your page

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